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Fic: The Winds of Time

Title: The Winds of Time
Characters: Fifth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith
Genre: drabble
Rating: G
Summary: The maintenance of Time is his responsibility.
Author's Note: no spoilers.  Written for Challenge #219 (Wind) at dw100 .


She points at the brass key.  “What is this?” 

“This, Sarah, is a key to time.”  The Doctor strides down corridors that wind through the TARDIS.  A door opens onto an endless expanse of grass beneath a bright sky.  The Doctor’s scarf flutters in the gentle wind. 

The path from the door is lined with pedestals holding time-measuring devices, including an hourglass, a porcelain Sevres clock, a silver egg with glowing blue glyphs, and a sundial.

The Doctor approaches a cherrywood mantel clock.  He inserts the key in the back, winding it carefully.  “A Time Lord’s work is never done.”

Tags: drabble, dw100, fic, fourth doctor, sarah jane smith
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