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FIC: The Cargo Pilot's Tale (Valiant Tales)

Title: The Cargo Pilot's Tale
Series: Valiant Tales.  Read them in order here.
Rating: G
The Master (Simm), other characters
Genre: drabble
Spoilers: Minor spoilers for The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords.
Summary: A series of drabbles about the people who lived, worked, and suffered on the Valiant during the Year That Never Was. 100 words according to MS Word.
Disclaimer: The sandbox belongs to RTD and the BBC. I'm just playing here, in the corner, making little sand-TARDISs.


My gran was from Devon. I’ve got smuggler’s blood. After every trip Earthside, I bring back news. I don’t carry messages, or mention the Resistance. That would just earn me fifteen minutes of fame on “Morning Execution”. I tell the Londoners Big Ben still rings in his tower. I tell Etienne the trees are green along the Champs Elysees. I don’t mention the Master’s statues on Nelson’s Column and the Arc de Triomphe.

The guards wink at “personal imports”: Moon Pies for Savanna, Jaffa cakes for Bill, turrón for Carmela. They never notice the most dangerous contraband of all: hope.

Tags: drabble, fic, the master (simm), valiant tales
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