lindenharp (lindenharp) wrote,

Fic: Case Closed

Title: Case Closed

Genre(s): drabble, humor

Characters: Tenth Doctor, other character

Spoilers: The Stolen Earth and Journey's End

Summary: After Journey's End, the Doctor discovers that there is just one more teensy-weensy problem to be dealt with...

Rating: G

Archived at Teaspoon

Author's Note: 100 word drabble. There's one loose thread that didn't get tied up int eh Series Four finale, and I wondered...

Case Closed

As he stepped out of the TARDIS, blasters and accusing eyes were fixed on him.

“We have unfinished business, Doctor.” The Shadow Architect frowned. “You ran away. As I was not present for the resolution of these cases, I must deputize you to complete the reports.”

It took hours to finish the paperwork, not counting the debate about his identity. (He finally said that “The Doctor” was his legal name, and if she didn’t believe him, she could go consult the Archives on Gallifrey.)

She patted the mountain of papers before her. “That's Clom accounted for. Just twenty-six more…”

Tags: drabble, humor, tenth doctor
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