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FIC: The Stowaway's Tale (Valiant Tales)

Title: The Stowaway's Tale
Series: Valiant Tales.  Read them in order here.
Rating: PG
The Master (Simm), other characters
Genre: drabble
Spoilers: Minor spoilers for The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords.
Summary: A series of drabbles about the people who lived, worked, and suffered on the Valiant during the Year That Never Was. 100 words according to MS Word.
Disclaimer: The sandbox belongs to RTD and the BBC. I'm just playing here, in the corner, making little sand-TARDISs.

Been gate-crashing since I was sixteen.  Sneaked backstage at a concert, delivering pizza to the stagehands.  The trick is blending in.  Nobody really looks at waiters or janitors.

I love being "backstage", spying on the rich and famous.  Makes me laugh inside, 'cos they don't know my secret.  When I heard about theToclafane, I  had to go see.  Tough job, getting on board, but an old mate helped out.

He's dead now, and I'm trapped.  It's hard to hide from the guards, harder to steal food.  The bastards will prob'ly catch me soon, but 'til then, I'll keep laughing.

Tags: drabble, fic, master (simm), valiant tales
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