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Fic: Making a Difference

Title: Making a Difference (Teaspoon)
Genre: Drabble
Summary: Donna is someone special, someone who makes a difference. Some of that comes from the influence of her beloved Gramps.
Characters: Wilfred Mott, others
Rating: G
Spoilers for "Turn Left"
Author's Note: If you need a translation and explanation of the last line, look here, but read the drabble first.

“The thing is, the old geezer was one of us. Good English blood. Loyal. Served in the Parachute Regiment in the War.”


“So why get himself shot for a bunch of foreigners?”

“He was a nutter, looking for UFOs with his telescope. Went the rest of the way ‘round the bend when his granddaughter went missing.”

“And what’s that foreign stuff he wrote?”


The freezing rain is washing the blood from the old man’s body. It is also washing away the foot-high chalked words from the barbed-wire-topped wooden stockade of the labour camp.

Arbeit macht frei
Tags: drabble, wilfred mott
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