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Fic: The Consultant's Tale (Valiant Tales)

Title: The Consultant's Tale
Series: Valiant Tales.  Read them in order here.
Rating: G
The Master (Simm), other characters
Genre: drabble
Words: 100
Spoilers: Minor spoilers for The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords.
Summary: A series of drabbles about the people who lived, worked, and suffered on the Valiant during the Year That Never Was.
Disclaimer: The sandbox belongs to RTD and the BBC. I'm just playing here, in the corner, making little sand-TARDISs.

I'd been expecting the invitation ever since the fateful day when he took over the Earth.  His own personal shuttle escorted me to the Valiant.

"Do you know why I've sent for you?" he purred.

I tossed back my pale saffron hair, wanting to show myself unafraid, even of an omnipotent alien from another world.  "Yes," I mused. 

His dark chocolate eyes locked onto my cerulean orbs.  "Then, your new lab awaits, my dear Professor--"

I stopped him with an elegant wave of my hand.  "Although I have six advanced doctorates, I prefer informality.  Just call me Marie Suzette."

Yes, this was written for April Fool's Day.

Tags: drabble, fic, master (simm), valiant tales
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