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Meme: drabble prompts

There have been many versions of this floating around.  My muse could use a kick in the derriere, and I think writing to prompts might help.

So...  the first five people to comment on this entry will get a 100-word drabble.  Give me one or two characters and a one-word prompt.  I will write New Who (any season), and Classic Who (not Doctors Six, Seven, or Eight).  I do not write pr0n, deathfic, or babies.  I mostly write genfic, so that's what you'll get unless it's a pairing that I 'ship.

Limit: one drabble per customer.  Void where prohibited or restricted by law.  May not be combined with any other offer.  Post at your own risk.  Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while responding to this entry.  Subject to change without notice.  Contents may settle during shipping.  Batteries not included.
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