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Drabble: Memoir

Title: Memoir
Rating: PG
Donna Noble, Jo Grant
Genre: drabble
Words: 100
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Donna liked her new employer.
Disclaimer: I am not the BBC.
A/N: Written for
sassy_lion .  Prompt given at end of drabble.

Donna liked her new employer.  Jo Jones, the widow of a scientist, was writing a memoir of their travels.  Donna sorted notes and photos, and typed umpteen drafts.  Jo even consulted her on wording.

Donna only heard Jo lose her temper once, during a phone call.  "I know how to keep secrets, Captain.  Our mutual friend trusts me, even if you don't, so sod off."

They celebrated the finished manuscript with champagne, and discussed a possible children's version.  "Jo, do you miss travelling?"

"I loved it, but coming home has its own joys."

Donna raised her glass.  "To new beginnings."

Prompt: Donna Noble, Jo Grant, coming home.
Tags: donna noble, drabble, fic, jo grant
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