lindenharp (lindenharp) wrote,

Fic: Monsters

Title: Monsters
Genre: drabble
Characters: Donna Noble, others
Spoilers: 4x10 "Midnight"
Rating: G
Summary: After the events of "Midnight", Donna has a few things to say.

Donna visits the spa’s little shop for last minute purchases. She sees the surviving passengers clustered together in the shuttle departure lounge. Most avoid her gaze, but one petite woman hurries over.

"You're his friend? The Doctor?"

She nods.

"How… is he?”

Donna glares, as fierce as the Xtonic sun. "Why do you care? Why ask now?” She raises her voice. "You’re all so relieved because the monster is gone. The truth is, there were a lot of monsters on that transport – and only one is gone."

They cannot speak. That other monster, guilt, has stolen their words.
Tags: donna noble, drabble
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