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Discussion: Audiofic fantasy

So, I've been having this fantasy.  No, not that one.  Not that one, either.  :-)

I listen to a lot of audiobooks, mostly downloadable ones.  They make my commute easier and distract me from boring housework.  I was happy when I discovered audio fanfic on sites like this.

I found myself wondering: if I were going to record one of my fics, which would I choose?  The true answer is that I wouldn't.  At least, I wouldn't do it myself.  I don't have a good voice for that sort of thing.  But if I were going to have something recorded, it would be Valiant Tales.

Here's the fantasy part: I'd want a different narrator for each tale, with a voice to match.  That means gender and accent.  Most of them are male, mostly British, but also Spanish, Italian, French, and Norwegian.  Several Americans, including a couple with regional accents.

After that project, I'd like David Tennant and Catherine Tate to record All the King's Horses.  If I'm going to dream, I may as well dream big.  :-)

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