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Bid on me in the September Support Stacie Auction

I'm joining the crowd of Doctor Who fanfic authors on the auction block for the September Support Stacie Auction.  If you're not familiar with Stacie or the auctions, here's a good explanation.

I am offering a 2500+ word story to the highest bidder.  I mostly write the Ninth and Tenth Doctors. In classic DW, I will write Three and Four. No smut, babies, or character deaths. My preferred genres are character-driven, though I’ve written some plotty drama, too. My ‘ship is OT3 (Doctor/Rose/Jack).  No explicit scenes.  I will write gen fic about other companions.  I’m much better with Donna than Martha.

In addition, I'm making a special offer: a 100-word drabble for each bid of $10 or more.

If you're a fanfic writer, and you haven't signed up for the auction, please consider doing so.  I know it's scary -- but what Stacie is facing is a lot scarier.  If you're a fanfic reader -- and if you're not, why are you visitng my LJ? -- please visit the Doctor Who and Torchwood auction forum.  A lot of great authors have offered their time and talents.

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