lindenharp (lindenharp) wrote,

FIC: Words

Fic: Words

Title: Words
Genre: drabble
Characters: Tenth Doctor
Spoilers: 4x10 "Midnight"
Rating: G
Summary: The Doctor's thoughts during "Midnight".


I once told the Dalek Emperor I speak five million languages.  That might be stretching it just a wee, tiny bit.  Without the TARDIS to help, I can only manage two or three thousand languages.   The thing is, I love words.  Love them.  They have enormous power.  They can inspire or discourage, hurt or comfort, explain or obfuscate.  They are my first choice for settling conflict.  I have always thought of words as the perfect weapons, because they could wound but not kill, and because they could never be stolen and used against me.

Now I know I was wrong.

Tags: drabble, tenth doctor
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