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Fic: A Memorable Encounter

Title: A Memorable Encounter
Characters: Donna Noble, Jack Harkness
Genre: drabble
100 words
Rating: All ages
Spoilers: If you've watched Journey's End, you're fine.
I noticed him the instant he entered the cafe.
Disclaimer: The sandbox belongs to RTD and the BBC. I'm just playing here, in the corner, making little sand-TARDISes. Not making any money, not asserting any claims.
A/N: This is a bidding incentive fic, written for the September Support Stacie Auction.  Wendymr and the consortium known as the Shadow Proclamation gave me this prompt:
Donna/Jack, lust.

I noticed him the instant he entered the cafe. (Gramps said I've been ill, but I didn't go blind. Those blue eyes and dark lashes... yumm!) He spilled my coffee, apologised, and bought me a fresh cup. The rest was history. We meet most nights after work for drinks. I'd invite him home if I lived alone.

Honesty in relationships is important. I ought to confess that the drug he's been slipping into my drinks did the trick: my memory has returned, my head hasn't exploded. Maybe I won't mention that it happened immediately after that first cup of coffee...
Tags: drabble, fic, support stacie
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