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Fic: Unlimited

Title: Unlimited
Author: Lindenharp
Genre: drabble
Words: 100
Characters: Tenth Doctor
Rating: for everyone
Warnings: Spoilers for Waters of Mars
Summary: She has no notion of the scope of his power.

"No one should have that much power."

She has no notion of the scope of his power.  He could literally write his name in the stars.  He could reshape galaxies.  Far more advanced species than hers might worship him as a god.  Not that he wants worship.  A little gratitude would be nice

No... from Mia and Yuri mere gratitude would suffice.  From Adelaide, he wants more.  He wants her to comprehend who he is and what he can accomplish.

Much later, with the gunshot echoing in his dreams, he realises that she understood him very well indeed.

Tags: drabble, fic, tenth doctor, time lord victorious
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