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Fic auction for Haiti

It's a good cause, and all the cool kids are doing it, so... I'm offering up drabbles in the Help Haiti auction.  My thread is here.

I am offering: 5 100-word drabbles to the 5 highest bidders. 

Fandoms: Doctor Who (New and Classic), Torchwood. I don't know SJA well enough to write it.

Additional Info: I have the most experience writing gen and OT3 (Doctor/Jack/Rose). For this auction, I'm willing to go outside my comfort zone and write other pairings. No non-con, Mpreg, underage, or deathfic. Softcore smut is ok.

Starting Bid: $5

If you wish to bid on me, go to the link above.  The auction ends Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at approximately noon Eastern Standard Time.

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