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Fic: What Not to Wear (drabble)

Title: What Not to Wear
Author: Lindenharp
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble
Rating: all ages
Spoilers: none
Summary: Why did the TARDIS offer her that dress?
Written for
Challenge #286 in DW100: "Scarlet".  Thanks to
[info]canaana  for beta services, and for pushing me to do better. And I'm going to mention again that I am offering 5 drabbles in the Help_Haiti auction. 

He stares at the dress Donna's holding.  "It's ... scarlet."

"I like red.  Just 'cos I'm ginger--"

"Scarlet," he repeats.  "And orange."

"Okay, scarlet.  You said 'wear bright colours to honour the Sublime Poohbear.'"

"Poojah," he mutters.  Why would the TARDIS provide her a dress in Prydonian colours?

Donna studies his face.  Her frown softens.  "Never mind.  Plenty more choices.  It's just a dress."  Her hand lingers wistfully on the hanger.

"Wear it," he blurts.


"I--  It's not important.  You'll look brilliant."

He's right.  At the coronation ball, the only thing brighter than Donna's dress is her smile.

Tags: donna noble, drabble, fic, tenth doctor
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