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Audiofic: Valiant Tales (Chapters 1-5/33)

Title: Valiant Tales (Chapters 1-5/33)
Author: Lindenharp
Mixed by: Dragonknighttara
Read by: multi-cast
Format: mp3
Rated: teen
Characters: People on the Valiant, OCs.
Author's note:  I not only like to read stories, I like to listen to them.  And when I discovered recorded fanfiction, aka audiofic or podfic, I was very happy.  I thought about recording some of my own fic, but I don't have a good voice for that.  So when the Help Haiti Auction came along, I was eager to bid on people who were offering recording services.
One of the projects was finished today.  The fantastic dragonknighttara and a talented cast of voice actors have recorded Valiant Tales, my drabble series about the other people on the Valiant during The Year That Never Was.  She's posted the first 5 Tales today, and will be releasing the rest at a rate of 2 per week until the entire set of 33 is posted.  (I asked her not to include The Consultant's Tale, which was an April Fools joke featuring a blatant Mary Sue.)

Here are the first five.  If you've read them before, welcome back to the Valiant!  If you haven't, please listen to the Tales in order -- even though each one is complete in itself, some characters are mentioned again in later drabbles.

The Accountant's Tale
Performed by: Ry-Guy
Audio download.  719 KB  46 sec.  Text

The Engineer's Tale
Performed by: Lionfayt
Audio download.  653 KB  41 sec.  Text

The Medic's Tale

Performed by: Will Knavison
Audio download.  780 KB  49 sec.  Text

The Aide's Tale
Performed by: MissAck
Audio download.  685 KB  43 sec.  Text

The Agent's Tale
Performed by: D-Mac Double
With Motly Fool as "The Master"

Audio download.  892 KB  57 sec.  Text
Tags: audiofic, master (simm), original characters, tenth doctor, valiant tales
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