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Audiofic: Valiant Tales (Chapters 6-7/33)

Title: Valiant Tales (Chapters 6-7/33)
Author: Lindenharp
Mixed by: Dragonknighttara
Read by: multi-cast
Format: mp3
Rated: teen
A series of drabbles about the people who lived, worked, and suffered on the Valiant during the Year That Never Was
Characters: People on the Valiant, OCs.
Author's note:  Here are the next two chapters of Valiant Tales, as recorded by dragonknighttara and a talented cast of voice actors.  Reminder -- it's best to listen to the Tales in order -- even though each one is complete in itself, some characters are mentioned again in later drabbles.

The Cook's Tale
Performed by: RoninRaccoon
With Damaru as "Carmela"
Audio download  1009 KB  1 min 4 sec. Text

The Reporter's Tale
Performed by: Sasuya
With Motly Fool as "The Master"
Audio download   787 KB  50 sec.  Text
Tags: audiofic, master (simm), original characters, tenth doctor, valiant tales
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