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Audiofic: Valiant Tales (Chapters 20-21/33)

Title: Valiant Tales (Chapters 20-21/33)
Author: Lindenharp
Mixed by: Dragonknighttara
Read by: multi-cast
Format: mp3
Rated: teen
Summary: A series of drabbles about the people who lived, worked, and suffered on the Valiant during the Year That Never Was
Characters: People on the Valiant, OCs.
Author's note:  The Kitchen Server's Tale was originally written and posted just before Christmas 2008. 
Nochebuena is the Spanish term for Christmas Eve.  Turron is a kind of almond candy, a traditional Christmas treat in Spain.  The Weapons Officer's Tale was originally posted on New Year's eve.  It is my answer to a question that kept echoing in my head. Canon tells us that the islands of Japan were burned during the Year.  The Master gave the order... who pushed the button?

The Kitchen Server's Tale
Performed by: Damaru
Audio download.  787 KB. 50 sec.  Text.

The Weapons Officer's Tale
Performed by: Apatheria, featuring Motly Fool as The Master.
Audio download.  980 KB.  1 min. 2 sec. 
Tags: audiofic, master (simm), original characters, tenth doctor, valiant tales
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