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Drabble: Stranger

Title: Stranger
Author: Lindenharp
Rating: All ages
Rose Tyler, Tenth Ninth Doctor, Jack Harkness
Genre: drabble
Word Count: 100
Summary: AU for the regeneration scene in Parting of the Ways
The sandbox belongs to the BBC. I'm just playing here, in the corner, making little sand-TARDISes. Not making any money, not asserting any claims.
A/N: This is for wendymr 
who stumped me.  Her prompt was: Rose, either regenerating Nine or just regenerated Ten, in the TARDIS: "Where's Jack?"  Thanks to canaana  for the beta.

Rose stares at the maniac who insists he's the Doctor.  She doesn't want to believe him, but a feeling she can't ignore says that her Doctor won't return.  "Jack!  Where's Jack?"

The stranger pulls a face.  "He's fine.  More than fine."

She stands between him and the TARDIS console.  "Not moving 'til you tell me where the Doctor is.  And Jack."

As if her words conjured him, Jack stumbles through the door.  "Rose, something weird is going on--"

The stranger looks at Jack and shudders.  He inhales deeply, and releases his breath like a sigh.  "You've got no idea."
Tags: au, drabble, episode-related, fic, jack harkness, rose tyler, stranger!verse, tenth doctor
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