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Vacation and fic update . . .

. . . not necessarily in that order.

My apologies to those who have been waiting for the conclusion of Lyonnesse.  I have not abandoned the story, but I am a bit stuck.  However, another story jumped out of a dark alleyway, pointed a blaster at my head and said, "Write me or else!".  It's the start of a new 'verse, based on my recent drabble Stranger, featuring Ten, Jack, and Rose.  It is somewhat darker than the Changes!verse, and is not (currently) an OT3 series.  I'm nearly up to 9000 words, and hope to have it done sometime next week.

Speaking of next week, on Friday the 17th, I will be boarding a plane bound for England.  Two weeks vacation!  I'll be visiting London, Bath, York, and Oxford.  On October 1 in Oxford, I'll be attending the opening concert of John Barrowman's new tour.  YES!!!!!

I have my B&B reservations, and I've got a list of the usual travel-guide destinations that I want to see, but I'm open to suggestions for little-known sights, favorite restaurants, and interesting stuff (Doctor Who-related a plus).  Please note that I will not have a car, and am traveling by rail and bus.

ETA: I am diabetic, and trying to eat with reasonable care.  Telling me about the best trifle south of Hadrina's Wall will only make me sigh.

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