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A tribute to the Brigadier (fic excerpts)

Like everyone else in Whodom, I'm mourning the death of the talented Nicholas Courtney.  Other than a drabble, I've never written a story in which the Brig is a character, though he's discussed in two of them.  Here are the excerpts, with links to the full stories, if you want to read (or re-read) them.

From: The Children of Time Will Gather
Background: After Journey's End, the Doctor's friends and companions stay in touch with each other.  They call their "organization" the Children of Time, and have informal meetings where they eat pizza and chat about their experiences with the Doctor.

"How did he ever manage to stay with UNIT so long, back in the 70s and 80s?" Gwen wants to know.

Sarah Jane replies, "It helped that the Doctor and the Brigadier respected each other. They were good friends, though I don't think they'd have used that word." By now, the other Children of Time know that when Sarah Jane says 'The Brigadier' with no surname attached, she means Lethbridge-Stewart, aka 'The Definite Article'. "Besides, he didn't have much of a choice. The Time Lords left him stranded. UNIT gave him a place to stay, assistants to bring him tea and sympathy, a way to help people, and a secure spot to keep the TARDIS."

"And it kept him safe – though he probably didn't realize it," Ianto adds. "I know from the records that there was a lot of manoeuvring for control of the Doctor between UNIT and Torchwood."

Jack snorts. "There used to be a recording in the archives of a conversation between Lethbridge-Stewart and a former Torchwood director. The Director tried to tell the Brigadier that it was his duty to Queen and Country to turn the 'enemy alien' over to Torchwood."

Sarah's expression says that she would have given a million pounds to have overheard that discussion.  "What did the Brigadier say?"

"After he stopped cursing a blue streak?" Jack intercepts Sarah's startled glance. "Sarah, the Brig's old-school – an officer and a gentleman would never use foul language around a lady, but he swears just like any other soldier when it's only the boys around. He pointed out that first, as a member of UNIT, his chain of command ended in Geneva, not London; second, that whatever misconceptions Queen Victoria might have held, Her current Majesty was well aware of the Doctor's contributions to the defence of her realm; and third, if the Director didn't shut his fat gob, he might find himself trying to pick his teeth off the floor… after pulling his head out of his ass." Jack grins. "That last bit is a paraphrase. The actual dialog was a bit longer and much more colourful."

The full story is here.

In the Garden
Background: Just before the events of Planet of the Dead, Queen Elizabeth II encounters the Doctor in her garden.  She's been wanting to give him a thank-you gift for saving her life, her kingdom, and her planet.  Not knowing what to get the Time Lord who has -- almost literally --  everything, she decided to ask the advice of a former associate.

She had tried to discover if there was something the Doctor desired that he could not (or would not) obtain for himself. One of his former companions was most likely to have a suggestion. Which one ought she to question? Not the journalist woman, nor Jack Harkness. She trusts Captain Harkness with her life and with the safety of Britain, but not with matters of delicate protocol. Dr. Martha Jones might suit. Loyal and clever, but still... so very young. Her choice was made - mostly - on practical grounds. Sir Alistair was utterly dependable, and had known the Doctor for many years. He was also of her generation.

He had been apologetic about his lack of helpful information. "The Doctor never seemed to care about things, Ma'am - other than his TARDIS. Although he did have an old roadster that he was always fussing over. It's in storage in a secure location." A motorcar did not seem to be a practical gift for someone who was constantly flitting about the universe.

Was there nothing else? Any whim or predilection? Anything at all? Sir Alistair hesitated. "The Doctor was once rather fond of... jelly babies, Ma'am."

Jelly babies? She might have thought that he was pulling her leg, except it was impossible to imagine a military officer of his age and rank jesting with his sovereign. In the end, she thanked Sir Alistair, and reluctantly set the question aside.

The full story is here.

And a drabble:

Title: Hello, Goodbye
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Brigadier

The Brigadier stared.  "Impossible!" 

"It... belongs to my friend," said the blonde leaning against the TARDIS.

"Hardly.  The owner left it in London yesterday."

"Who are you?"

"Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart!" a thin young man exclaimed.

Discipline kept him impassive. "You've done it again, Doctor."

"Yes-- blimey!  Where are we?"

"Barnbrook.  He-- you drove off five minutes ago."

"What?  I remember that day.  I turned back almost immediately.  Rose!  Time to go!"

She laughed.  "Goodbye, Sir Alistair."

The wording of the Doctor's salutation finally registered.  "Sir Alistair?  Doctor, please tell me you're jo--"  The sound of dematerialisation interrupted him.

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