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Questions about visiting Doctor Who Exhibition in London

This question is directed at people who have visited the Exhibition recently, and/or who are locals.

So. . . as part of a longer European holiday (Belgium, actually), I will be in London May 22-24.  I will be seeing Tennant and Tate in "Much Ado" that Wednesday evening (SQUEE!).  I've been to London several times, so I'll just be using my time to visit places I haven't seen before.

Top of my list is the Doctor Who Exhibition.  Their website advises reservations, but I'd rather not be tied down to a particular day and time.  Now that it's no longer shiny-new, are advance tickets still necessary?

Also, is there are particular time that is less likely to to crammed with shrieking children?  I'm thinking that a weekday might be better than Sunday.  Also, I'm over 50 and traveling alone.  Am I going to stand out like a Sontaran at a garden party?  (I'm going anyway.  Just wondering.)

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