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Update on fic and life

Yes, I'm still alive and well, though I wouldn't be surprised if some people thought otherwise, considering how little I've posted in the past few months.

First, a little bit about my life.  In late May I went on a European vacation which included several days in London.  I saw David Tennant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing.  I had a fabulous time.  They were both brilliant and hysterically funny.

I also visited the Doctor Who Experience.  I bought my ticket for a weekday morning, so as not to be surrounded by hordes of shrieking children.  It was great!  They don't let you take pictures during the interactive adventure, but you can snaps as many as you like in the exhibit, which has life-size monsters, costumes of all the Doctors (and some companions, too), and a model of the current TARDIS.  Below is a slideshow of some of my pictures.

As for the status of my fic. . .

Lyonnesse is not dead, I swear.  I actually finished chapter 14 some time ago.  I haven't posted it because I'm working on chapter 15 -- the last chapter -- and I need to have the option to go back and make changes to 14, if necessary.  I was stunned to realize recently that Lyonnesse has been a WIP for over two years.  Wow.

Before traipsing across the Pond I signed up for the Summer/Winter Holidays challenge on
Winter Companions.  I was supposed to write a fic of at least 500 words about Jack and the Doctor based on the following prompt: white, 24, anger, black pepper.  I seem to be incapable of writing something short unless it's a drabble.  This one turned out to be a whopping 7500 words, and is a mystery set in Victorian Cornwall.  (It's also a stand-alone sequel to Consequences, which is my post-COE fic about Jack traveling with Ten.)  I'll post it here when the challenge is over, at the beginning of August.

When Lyonnesse is finished, I owe some incredibly patient bidders an auction fic.  After that, I don't know.  I have some ideas about sequels to Haggard, and maybe some more Rory-fic.

And that's the news!
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