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Fic rec: Night Terrors

I just want to share a wonderful story that impressed me so much I've reread it twice to savor the beautiful language and the episode-perfect dialogue.  Night Terrors by Lyricwritesprose is a vignette, a character sketch of Rory and the Eleventh Doctor. My summary of the "plot" would be: "After the events of The Doctor's Wife, Rory has nightmares.  He talks to the Doctor about them."

The truth is, not much happens in this story.  That's not the point.  It's a brilliant portrait of Rory Williams, who describes himself as "quite ordinary, really" despite all of the extraordinary things that have happened to him.  It's also a portrait of the Doctor as seen through Rory's eyes.  I lovelovelove authors who understand that the Doctor is an alien.  However kind and compassionate he may be, however much he cares for us humans, he is not like us.

"You lot," the Doctor whispered. As far as I can tell, that's Time Lord for homo sapiens sapiens. "You never notice. You never notice."

"Er. Notice what?"

He let go of me. "When you're being magnificent."He was giving me that smile. The one that says, I've seen stars born and galaxies die, I can feel the tides of the universe, I've challenged armies and played chess with demons and brought down gods–and that's all just stuff. You, though, you're wonderful. The most marvellous thing in the universe, right in front of me.

There's also some reference to Rory's Roman memories, which is another favorite theme of mine.

Lyricwritesprose doesn't appear to be on LJ or Dreamwidth, only on the Teaspoon.  Pop over there and read this magnificent story, and if you like it even a fraction as much as I did, leave a review. 
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