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Looking for drabble prompts --CLOSED

Advent, schmadvent...

Though I'm happy to celebrate Christmas in a secular winterfest sort of way, my holiday is Hanukkah.  Also, 24 daily drabbles is more of a committment than I'm prepared to make.  So here's my offer: the first eight people to give me prompts will get drabbles, one for each day of Hanukkah.  The first day, as always, is the 25th of Kislev (this year, that's Sunday, December 9, for you Gregorian calendar types), so I'll post the first drabble on Sunday and continue through Sunday, December 16.

The fandoms I'll write for (but why are you on my flist if you don't know this already?) are Doctor Who (any Doctor except 8), Torchwood, and Lewis.  Limit one drabble per customer.  I reserve the right to ask for an alternate prompt if it's one I just can't write.

And... that's eight!  Prompts are closed.  Thank you all.
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