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Alfresco (Hanukkah drabble #9 for Mspinto64)

Author: lindenharp
Title: Alfresco

Characters: James Hathaway, Robert Lewis
Genre: slash, fluff
Length: 100 words
Rating: All ages
Spoilers/Warnings: none
This isn't exactly what Robbie expected when James invited him out for lunch.
A/N: I hear some of my readers asking in bewilderment, "Aren't there are only eight nights of Hanukkah?"  Yes, but there are nine candles on the menorah.  The ninth is the shamash or 'helper' candle, which is used to light the others.  And this ninth drabble is for mspinto64, who very helpfully Brit-picked an earlier drabble for me.  Beta by the ever-wonderful wendymr.

They drive down country lanes until Robbie wonders if they’ve got lost.  When James invited him for Sunday lunch, he was expecting a favourite café.  Instead, they’re parked at the edge of a beech grove.  “What’s this, pet?”

“We’re having a picnic.”  James removes a hamper from the boot, then hands a thick blanket to Robbie.  “Spread that out, please.”

The meal is wonderful.  Robbie sighs contentedly, and drifts asleep in the summer warmth.  When he awakens, James smiles at him.  “Ready for dessert?”

“Yeah, I am.”  Robbie pulls James down beside him.  “And I know exactly what I fancy.”

-- THE END --

Tags: fic, fluff, james hathaway, lewis, robert lewis, slash
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