lindenharp (lindenharp) wrote,

Lewis fic:Supporting Role (crackdrabble)

Author: lindenharp
Title: Supporting Role

Series: How to Train your Sergeant #9
Characters: Robert Lewis/James Hathaway
Genre: drabble, crack, slash
Length: 100 words
Rating: teen
Spoilers/Warnings: crack
Clothes off....  Attention, sergeant!  Hands at your sides, eyes front.”
It's still all wendymr's fault.  She provided the title, too.

“Clothes off....  Attention, sergeant!  Hands at your sides, eyes front.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I see your cock is standing at attention, too.  Very commendable.”

“Thank you, sir.  We aim to please.”

“That was facetious.  Just for that...”

“Sir, what are you doing with my socks?”

“Hanging them up neat and tidy.”

There, sir?”

“I’m going to watch the second half of the match.  If those socks are still in place at the end of it, we’ll play a nice game of our own.”

“And if they fall, what will you do, sir?”

“Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.”

“But, sir—“

“Think uplifting thoughts, Sergeant.”

Tags: drabble, fic, james hathaway, lewis, robert lewis, slash, socks
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