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Lewis fic: Lessons (double drabble)

Author: lindenharp
Title: Lessons

Characters: DC Alex Gray, DC Hooper, OCs
Genre: double drabble, character sketch, episode-related (The Ramblin' Boy, pt. 1)
Length: 200 words
Rating: All ages
Spoilers/Warnings: spoilers for 7.03 (The Ramblin' Boy, pt. 1)
Summary: It's a fantastic opportunity, and he's going to seize it.
Beta by the always fantastic wendymr.

After the announcement is made, DC Alex Gray feels his heart leap up, then sink down to his carefully polished shoes.  Everyone here outranks him.  Even the other lowly DCs have more seniority.  Surely one of them will seize this fantastic opportunity.  A few heartbeats later, he discovers with surprise that his hand is the only one raised.

“You’re for it now,” Hooper cackles.

“Why?  I hear he’s a good governor.”

“But you’re not his fair-haired boy, are you?”

Fair-haired…  surely Lewis isn’t one of those?  He glances at DS Mothibatsela, who shakes his head.  “He only means that you aren’t DS Hathaway.”

“And that will make him very, very cranky,” DC Riordan says.  “One wrong step…”  She mimes slitting a throat.

He relaxes.  “It’s just for a little while.  And I can learn so much from him.”

Hooper gives him a withering look.  “D’ye think he’s going to give you lessons?”

In that moment, Alex understands why Hooper has never advanced.  Will never advance.  He doesn’t recognize lessons when they present themselves.  It’s quite simple.  They will investigate together.  DI Lewis is a brilliant detective, and Alex will learn from every moment he spends observing the master at work.

Tags: character study, double drabble, episode-related, fic, lewis
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