lindenharp (lindenharp) wrote,

Lewis fic: Gone Astray (crackdrabble)

Author: lindenharp
Title: Rewards

Series: How to Train your Sergeant #32
Characters: Robbie Lewis
Genre: drabble, crack
Length: 100 words
Rating: all ages
Spoilers/Warnings: crack
Maybe a new toy will sweeten James’s temper. And Amazon is a safe, reliable site... isn't it?
AN: Beta by wendymr; inspiration by the rest of the Sisterhood of the Lavender Socks.

Robbie looks at his work computer. After the bollocking he got about viruses, he’s almost afraid to touch it again, but Amazon is a respectable site. Maybe a new toy will sweeten James’s temper.

Luckily, Robbie only has to select the recipient from a list and click ‘buy now’. He orders hastily, deleting the order confirmation unread.

The email arrives two days later. Thanks for the collar. You must have thought the black satin lining would be comfy, but Zaza is a toy poodle, and it’s too big for her. Tim says it would probably fit him, LOL. Love, Lyn.

Tags: drabble, fic, lewis, robert lewis
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