lindenharp (lindenharp) wrote,

Lewis fic: A Season of Sacrifice

Title: A Season of Sacrifice
Author: Lindenharp
Series: On the Wings of the Dawn #3
Words: 4260
Genre: AU, wingfic, friendship, religion, gen
Rating: all ages
Characters: James Hathaway & Robbie Lewis
Summary: I gave up flying for Lent," James blurts out.
A/N: I posted this on Ao3 and FFN just after Easter, but forgot to post it on LJ.  It is the third story in this series, and probably won't make much sense on its own.  I am not Catholic, but James Hathaway is, and I wanted to explore that aspect of his life in this AU.  I tried to handle the topic with care and respect.
Betas: I owe enormous thanks to my lovely betas, wendymr and uniquepovdivingforstones gave me invaluable feedback on Catholic belief and practice; without her assistance, this story could not have been written.

At Ao3
Tags: au, fic, friendship, james hathaway, religion, robert lewis
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