lindenharp (lindenharp) wrote,

Lewis fic: Friendly Favour

Title: Friendly Favour
Author: Lindenharp
Series: On the Wings of the Dawn -- DVD Extras
Words: 646
Genre: AU, wingfic, friendship
Rating: all ages
Characters: Laura Hobson & Jean Innocent
Summary: Laura Hobson is asked for a very unexpected favour.
A/N: This is the first in a collection of DVD extras for my wngfic series, "On the Wings of the Dawn". The DVD extras are missing scenes, background pieces, and scenes retold from alternate POVs. They will make no sense unless you've read the main series, and may contain spoilers. They will not be in a chronological order.

    Thanks to wendymr for the swift beta work.

At Ao3.
Tags: dvd extras, fic, jean innocent, laura hobson, lewis
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