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Lewis fic: The View from Above (2/2)

Title: The View from Above (chapter 2 of 2)
Author: Lindenharp
Series: By Love Possessed
Words: 8147
Genres: BDSM
Rating: Explicit
Characters: James Hathaway/Robbie Lewis
Summary: Robbie and James are partners on the job and lovers in private. It's been working very well, but now everything is about to change.
Note: This is the tail end of To be His from Robbie's POV, and will make no sense whatsoever unless you read that first. It was originally just a drabble. More than a year later, I wrote a second chapter exploring what happened next... which is why the rating has changed from Teen to Explicit.This story describes the addition of a consensual Dom/sub dynamic to an existing sexual relationship. It contains bondage and explicit M/M sex; do not read if these topics are distressing to you. It does not contain pain, punishment, abuse or humiliation (other than a brief mention that Robbie dislikes these things).
Betas: My profuse thanks to my betas for Chapter 2: uniquepov and complexlight for help, advice, cheerleading, and tough love. Ladies, I could not have done it without you.

At Ao3...
Tags: bdsm, hurt/comfort, james hathaway, lewis, robert lewis
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