lindenharp (lindenharp) wrote,

FIC: Finally Free

Title: Finally Free
Rating: G
Characters: Ninth Doctor
A/N: 100-word drabble for DW100, prompt #216: Free


He ran because he wanted freedom.   Snatched Susan and stole the TARDIS, setting course for adventure.  Gallifrey didn’t catch up to him until his second life.  They tossed him in a cage: one planet, one time. 

They relented, but kept their hook in him.  Do this task.  Fix this problem.  Come home and fix another.  Come home and be President.  (A gilded cage is still a prison.)  Come home and be condemned.  Come home and fight for us.  Die with us. 

Now he is completely free.  Their summons will never snare him again.  Freedom tastes like ashes in his mouth.


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